Delivering efficiency and growth: investment opportunities in river freight, ports, airports and more.

Transforming the Thames Estuary through Advanced Logistics

The Thames Estuary region stands poised to redefine logistics through innovative river-based solutions. Annually, London manages approximately 700 million parcels, a number projected to rise to 1 billion by 2030. Leveraging the River Thames for logistics could be a game-changer, potentially alleviating significant road congestion and pollution. For instance, a river operation handling 20 million parcels annually could cut 2,284 tonnes of CO2 emissions and 3.6 tonnes of NOx, presenting a compelling environmental and operational case for river freight.

Our strategy involves integrating advanced micro-consolidation centres on the river Thames served by e-cargo bikes, traditionally supplied by 7.5-tonne vans. Transitioning these deliveries to river transport is not only cost-competitive but also offers substantial reductions in congestion and emissions across central London.


Investable Opportunities within the River-Based Logistics Ecosystem

We have identified five key investable propositions that collectively form a robust end-to-end supply chain solution leveraging the Thames:

  • Riverside Distribution Centre: A pivotal hub for receiving and distributing goods efficiently along the river.
  • River Vessel and River Operation: Enhanced river logistics capabilities, focusing on efficient, sustainable freight movement.
  • Floating/Pier Micro-consolidation Centre: Innovative centers that facilitate quick, eco-friendly last-mile deliveries.
  • E-cargo Bike Last Mile Delivery: A green solution that ensures fast and efficient delivery directly to customers.
  • Digital Enabling Layer: A sophisticated digital platform that integrates the entire supply chain, providing real-time visibility and control, ensuring data exchange within a secure and reliable framework, and enabling outcome monitoring to optimize benefits.

These components are designed to not only support but significantly enhance the logistics infrastructure of the Thames Estuary, positioning it as a leader in sustainable and efficient freight handling on a global stage.


Looking Ahead

Our main focus revolves around these five investable areas, with potential to expand as we explore various distribution models that cater to the specific needs of our clients.

By prioritising investments in these areas, we aim to harness the full potential of the Thames for reducing urban congestion and pollution, while fostering economic growth through cutting-edge logistics solutions. Our commitment to a greener, more efficient logistics network underscores our dedication to creating a better, healthier, and more sustainable future for the Thames Estuary and beyond.


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