The private sector led Thames Estuary Growth Board provides a single point of contact to all types of potential investors interested in investing in this part of the UK, driving growth in south Essex, north Kent and east London.

Led by Kate Willard OBE, Estuary Envoy, the Thames Estuary Growth Board is unlocking opportunities to realise the region’s vast potential: green energy to power transport, homes, and industry; greener deliveries to homes and offices by bringing ESG investment into the region.

The Thames Estuary Region is the ideal test bed for innovation and will be a world-renowned case study of how to achieve good green growth, reach scale, solve the world’s biggest problems AND achieve significant ROI.

View of central London showing the River Thames and Tower Bridge, also portrait of Kate Willard OBE

Left: The Thames Estuary Region spans from the City of London to South Essex and North Kent. Right: Kate Willard OBE, Thames Estuary Envoy.

The blueprint for good green growth
When it comes to investment and growth, if it’s not good or green (or good and green), then it’s not happening in the Thames Estuary. Hydrogen and river freight are the two major investment opportunities we champion as they make the most of the Thames Estuary’s natural assets and benefit the environment, our communities, and the UK as a whole.

Looking to invest
Our portfolio offers major investment opportunities in hydrogen, river freight, the creative industries, ports, logistics and core infrastructure. As a growth accelerator the Thames Estuary Growth Board showcases key projects for investment on Investuary, and a bulging pipeline of early-stage projects investors can speak to us before they come online.



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Global Estuaries Group

Changing the world one estuary at a time
Working in partnership with estuarine cities all over the world to share innovations, solve problems and discover opportunities. Read the Thames Estuary Growth Board’s global roadmap to international investment, trade and innovation.

Global Estuaries Group Report
What does Global Britain mean for local growth? Our Global Estuaries Group report starts to answer that question. As the UK’s number one, Government-backed, Good Green Growth opportunity, we are reaching out to other regions to create synergies and attract sustainable investment.

With research and insight from think tank Localis, world-leading sustainable solution consultancy Arcadis, and the universities of Roehampton and Oxford, our report explores how local growth can be released through international partnerships and the opportunity presented by the UK’s first state-level trade deal.


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Advocating for Infrastructure
The Thames Estuary Region is the UK’s number one growth opportunity and the world’s best connected, greenest and most exciting Estuary market to invest in. The Thames Estuary Region stretches east from the global City of London out to the famous White Cliffs of Dover. It has the UK’s only highspeed rail service, significant airports, seaports and the Thames Freeport that facilitate international trade and the River Thames provides unparalleled transport and logistics potential.

The Thames Estuary Region has enormous potential thanks to its geographic advantages. With an economy the size of Scotland and a population the size of Wales, located in the south-east of England, on the country’s most important waterway and home to approximately 3.8 million people – the Thames Estuary Region is the ideal test bed for innovation and the strategic place to invest.

The Region will be transformed over the next 30 years thanks to various projects across the public and private sectors including air, road, rail and river transport infrastructure, new homes, and the creation of new spaces and places for business, leisure and culture.