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Thames Estuary Growth Board
Thames Estuary
Investment Type
1-2 years

The Thames Estuary has an extensive estuary coastline with important natural and historical assets, and developing paths and trails. The Thames Estuary Path incorporates aspects of both the Thames Path and the Coastal Path, joining them up for greater access from London and throughout Southeast England.

ESG potential
Research on existing and operating paths and trails outside and within the UK show that this type of infrastructure has positive impacts on:

  • Economy: Trails provide a boost to the economy of surrounding communities, such as increase property values, increase in visitor numbers and spend, and more jobs
  • Health: Trails provide a venue for walking, jogging, biking and other physical activities can enable improved physical health, as well as mental health due to increased accessibility and inclusion created by the path
  • Community: Trails provide recreational activity opportunities that allow communities to connect with each other
  • Environment: Enhancement of natural vegetation contributes to improvements in air quality and preservation of wildlife habitats

The path to success
Partnering with local and wider stakeholders is key to ensure successful paths. We are coordinating local businesses and community leaders, local authorities, and planning authorities, as well as private organisations. Together we will build on existing approaches, develop new opportunities and help to maximise the outcomes that can be achieved through this joined up approach.