At a glance

South Essex Councils
Thurrock, Brentwood, Basildon, Castle Point, Rochford and Southend
550km of greenways and cycleways
Investment Type
Seed funding, Cornerstone investment, Capital investment
2+ years

For an early stage investment opportunity with endless ESG investment potential, look no further. The SEE Park will deliver on a range of environmental aspects, including: environmental enhancement, biodiversity net gain, management of water, improving access and amenity value.

Environmental Assets are becoming an increasingly recognised asset class — for example Biodiversity net gain credits, carbon offsets and other opportunities having genuine investment value with companies seeking to demonstrate their net zero credentials. An enhanced quality of environment with greater access will support a range of social and health outcomes from better air quality to social prescribing.

There are a range of training opportunities and also the potential to create new employment opportunities through stewardship and other commercial ventures this investment will enable. There will be the opportunity to create new governance and stewardship arrangements, backed by long term investment, that will protect and enhance the natural assets over time — which will also improve their value.

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