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Thames Estuary Growth Board
Thames Estuary Region
Investment Type
Infrastructure providers
1-2 years

Defining digital can be a challenge as it touches everything we do. In the Thames Estuary, ‘digital’ means the collection of all technologies and approaches that have a transformative impact on our lives, working to impact our physical reality and unlocks opportunities in this investment region.

The Thames Estuary Growth Board recognises its role in the digital space as an organisation that aggregates efforts and convenes stakeholders to establish the Estuary as a destination of choice for businesses and investment.

We are creating an ‘enabling’ environment where good practice can be elevated at an Estuary-wide level, and innovation can be driven by developing linkages between projects and stakeholders; ROI for investors in the Estuary can be achieved by accelerating growth opportunities in different sectors, including the creative industries, through advanced connectivity.

ESG potential 
The Thames Estuary Growth Board recognise that digital solutions have the transformative power and have the potential of spreading prosperity and improving the lives of individuals, communities, or entire regions with a coordinated approach that allows the orchestration of the different partners to enable wider outcomes.

Aligned with our good green growth ambition our involvement into the specifics will not only create the enabling environment, but also help to reduce the gap between flourishing areas and communities in need.